Kaye Brown Australian - Pitjantjatjara, b. 1955

Kaye was born at Ernabella c1955. She spent her early years at the mission before her family moved to Fregon community. At Fregon Kaye worked in the craft room. She moved to Kanpi, the traditional country of her father Jimmy Baker in the1980's and helped set up a small art and crafts room there. She worked, lived and worked closely with her father until his passing in 2010, caring for him in his last years when he was ill.

She talks of their conversations about how to translate the stories of their homeland into works on canvas and the importance of continuing the tradition of painting as cultural maintenance.

Kaye has adopted a style quite unlike Jimmy's, even though their stories are shared, and a style unique to the wider Indigneous art market. She is also a desert weaver and an expert carver.