Hector Jandany Australian, Gija, c. 1929-2006

Hector was born in Warmun (Turkey Creek). His father was a Mirriwoong man from Newry. Hector never knew his father because he died when Hector was a baby. Hector's mother was a Gija woman who was born at Warmun and who belonged to Ngarrgoorroon, country north of Purnululu (the Bungle Bungles). This is the country that Hector often paints.

Hector's mother remarried when Hector was still a little boy, to a man from Springvale Station, whom Hector respected as a father while growing up. Then when Hector was approximately 10 years old, he was taken by his relatives and shown his father's own country, which was Argyle, Newry, Mistake Creek, Texas Downs. Hector stayed with his relations for a long time, sometimes working as a stockman and sometimes wakling back to Warmun to visit family.

Hector worked for many years on Texas Downs Station, mustering cattle and working as a camp cook.  During the long years travelling and working in and around Texas and places to the north, Hector learnt many details of the Ngarrangkarni (Dreamtime) and ceremonial life. He is a very good story teller.

When Jimmy Klein, the manager of Texas Downs Station, (Hector's brother in law) retired, a lot of people left and went to Wyndham or Warmun, setting up camp near the Gymkarna location. This was about the time when the equal wages for aboriginal people introduced by the Federal government. This was a difficult time for many aboriginal people. Hector was fortunate and found work in Wyndham as a cook.

When Warmun Community was established and the Bough shed School was built in 1979 with the help of the Catholic church, Hector returned to Warmun and became the chairman of the school. Hector and many others, including his best friend Left hand George and George Mung Mung, did a lot of paintings and drawings to be used in the teaching of the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) at school. They had a strong input into the school, ensuring that Gija language and Culture be part of the school curriculum. Hector remained Chairperson of the school for many, many years. His leadership, charisma and strength have been an inspiration to many.

Hector's work is known for its restrained use of colour and sombre tones. He paints the country of his mother, Ngarrgooroon - the traditional estate just north of Punululu.

Hector has exhibited consistently since 1990. While working at Warmun Art Centre he is an inspiration to many young and emerging artists.