Remember Them

Exhibition Opening

On Sunday the 15th of August, Short St. Gallery had the very great privilege of hosting John Prince Siddon at the official opening of Remember Them, an exhibition from Prince featuring eclectic works from Annette Lormada and Dorothy Forrest.


Prince is from Walmajarri Country and lives in Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley. He has exploded onto the contemporary art scene in recent years with his surrealist and psychedelic approach to painting. Prince is a highly original storyteller; with a bold palette he produces narrative compositions which are playful and poetic, but which upon closer inspection express the darker, undocumented histories of this country. Combining the imagery of outback stations and Walmajarri mythology, Prince pioneers a critical aesthetic of the Kimberley.


Broome Story is Prince’s kaleidoscopic dedication to Broome, drawing together the various cultural threads which create the unique fabric of this town. Speaking to the audience gathered in the gallery, Prince described his influences for the piece – the old pearling days, camel rides on Cable Beach, the sale of cattle at auction, alcoholism and interactions with the police and Malcom Douglas’ crocodile park. Depicting a multitude of stories within the one painting, Prince shares his unique perspective of this place and inscribes his love letter to Broome with its tidal highs and lows.


Short St. Gallery invites you to view the electrifying Remember Them at 7 Short Street until the 8th of September or via our website.


August 28, 2021