Jeremiah Bonson Australlian, Djinang (Murrungun), b. 1982

Jeremiah Bonson is a Jinang/Marung artist. He was born in Darwin but raised at the outstation Gamourgouyoura, his mother Mathilda's country, and is now living with his wife in Galiwin'ku on Elcho Island. Bonson is a dancer, musician (he plays the yidaki or didgeridoo), painter and sculptor. Although an emerging artist, he was taught his traditional culture and traditional songline (bourgur) by his adoptive father Jimmy. His practice is informed by a culture thousands of years old.Warrah Bun Bun 2010 is a stunning group of eight mimi spirits or Mokuy who belong to his mother’s dreaming; they are her totem andcome from her country of Gamourgouyoura. These spirits sleep during the day and can only be seen at night when they come out to hunt, dance, sing, laugh and play. They are tall and skinny and jubilantly gather water and hunt forfood (natha) at local billabongs—their favourite food is the yam. But, although they are happy, joyful spirits, they will take you away if you get too close. When they dance, they are coveredwith ochre, which Bonson represents in his sculptures by the white dots. He skilfully captures the playful spirit of these mimi, making them distinctly his own with their armless, slender bodies and friendly faces.Warrah Bun Bun wonderfully complements the Gallery’s collection of works by artists fromGaliwin’ku and is the first work of art by Bonson to be acquired by the National Gallery of Australia.