Yimula Munungurr Australian, Yolngu, b. 1974

Father is Wurrayarra, a son of Woŋgu. This young woman has worked as an artist for several years and is developing a precise hand on paintings of her own Djapu clan as well as her mother’s Maḏarrpa clan. Her mother is Burrtjalk. This is a summary of her mpther's self- penned biography;

"Born at Gurka’wuy and moved to live at Bäniyala with my mother (Djultjul) and father (Munduku`). When I was a li????le girl, when my father died we moved to Roper River and stayed for a long ????me, un????l I finished school. Then I went to Numbulwar and married Dhäkiyarr son of the great warrior Woŋgu Mununggurr, We lived at Numbulwar for many years, then moved to Yirrkala. I worked sewing girri (clothes) shorts, shirts, for school uniform for the (djamarrkuḻi) children. Then we moved to Garrthalala and my husband and I worked together pain????ng bark and carving wood. Then we moved to my Mäḻu’s wäŋa (fathers country ) Bäniyala and worked at making an air strip for our Homeland. Then we moved to my husbands wäŋa-(place) Waṉdawuy for good. I have 3 boys and 5 girls and lots of grandchildren.

Yimula is a mother herself now and generally lives at Gunyuŋara (Ski Beach) where she is a full ????me artist.

Clan: Djapu, Balamumu

Homeland: Wandaway / Buku-dal

Moiety: Dhuwa