Tatum Rivers-Purdie Australian, Gija, b. 1994

Tatum Rivers was born in 1994 and grew up with her mother, Madeline Purdie, and dad, Morris Morgan, a Balangara leader from Oombulgurri area. Tatum is the granddaughter of Warmun artist Shirley Purdie and Great granddaughter of the late Madigan Thomas.


Tatum first started painting in 2021 and likes to paint the stories that she has learnt from her grandmother Shirley and mother Madeline. These are stories from Guda Guda Country and they depict the Country, the history and the Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) from that place.


Tatum has three brothers, Curtis Morgan, Neil Morgan and Spencer Morgan. They all live and work in and around Warmun Community. Tatum is a proud partner to Preston Gallagher/ Dolby and a very proud mother to her only son Bryce Gallagher - Purdie.