Rosie Uhl Australian, Wangkajunga, 1945 -2018

"Hi my name is Rosie Uhl. I'm a Wangkajunka and Walmajarri lady. l live at Guwardi nursing home in Fitzroy Crossing, although my real home is Christmas Creek Station, also called Kurungal. l was born during the cold time of year, in 1945, at the Station. Living on the station was a good life, with old people teaching how to hunt, teaching how to dance, and telling us stories about the desert. I went to Fitzroy School for a little while then went back home to Kurungal. As a young woman l started work as a house keeper. There I met my late husband Tiger Uhl, we lived together had four children, one girl and three boys. I'm now a great great grandmother. I looked after my sister's daughter, Lisa Uhl. My cousin-sister was the late Dolly Snell. Both are great artists."

Painting Theme:

Jila (living Water), jilji (Sands hills) and jumu (soakwater waterhole) in the Great Sandy Desert: Kurtal, Great Sandy Desert

Desert Flowers - Patiri