April Jones Austrlian, Walmajarri, b. 1950

My name is April Jones and I live in the community of Bayulu. My language group is Gooniyandi.

I worked for a very long time at Mangkaja Arts Resource Centre in Fitzroy Crossing, painting on canvas. I went on and moved to Port Hedland and Broome to teach language at TAFE, then back to Fitzroy Crossing to teach at Karrayili.

In 2007 I came with June Smith to learn sewing and making curtains with Bridget in the studio at Marninwarntikura. 

I really like the work here. I like to be creative. I feel good and happy coming to the studio, I feel proud when people look at and like my artwork. I enjoy painting animals and wild flowers and want to learn more.”

Courtesy of Marnin Studio