Christopher Black Australian - Tiwi Islands, b. 1972

Chris Black was born at Milikapiti Community, where he has spent the majority of his life. He is part of a large clan, consisting of three main families, the Bush, Black & Brown which make up the majority of the Miartuwee Clan.

Chris attended high school at Kormilda College in Darwin. On return to Milikapiti Chris was nurtured by his grandfather (aminayi) Black Joe. Chris remembers this wise old man very well. Black Joe was a great carver/artist and great spear maker culture man who created songs for Chris, which are part of Chris's being for life. When Chris attends ceremony with family he sings songs, Black Joe gave him. The memory of his aminayi is the main influence of his arts practice today. looking at old designs painted in his grandfather’s era inspires Chris greatly and slowly he has become one of the exciting emerging artist working at Jilamara.

Known as 'Kojak', he is a generous, good humored, kind man who adds laughter and spirit to the artists sheds at Jilamara.