John Albert Australian, Bardi, b. Unknown

John Albert hails from the Bardi people of his clan, the Banioi clan. The communities in these areas are now known as the Bardi Jawi native title Communities of the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome, Western Australia. John was inspired and taught by his late uncle Basil (Biggie) Albert who was well known for his traditional and contemporary art, carvings and artefacts. Biggies' talent was exposed nationally and internationally between the early 1950's to his passing in the 1980's. Today John continues his uncle's legacy making artefacts. There are only 5 clans of the Bardi-Jawi communities that exist today in the Dampier Peninsular. John is from the Banini Clan and family area in the south eastern part of the the Dampier Pennisular near Rumble Bay coastal parts. John's style of boomerang and shield making comes from the Peninsular, Ooloongon and Banioi clans. For Aboriginal people here, this contemporary style of art has been around for hundreds of years. The different types of art and totem designs have an important signficance to Bardi Jawi traditional low and culture.