Rhonda Sharpe Australian, Luritja, b. 1977

Rhonda was born and grew up in Alice Springs. She lived at Trucking Yards Town Camp and went to Yipirinya School. Rhonda discovered an interest and passion for making soft sculptures and print making when she followed her aunty into the art room one day. Rhonda says that her work is inspired by what she experiences in her daily life, by watching the other artists in the art room and by remembering stories from when she was young. Rhonda has found that the art room gives her a place to be safe and to make a better future for herself. Rhonda says that sewing makes her feel happy and that she is proud of the work she creates. As Rhonda’s confidence as an artist grows so too does her subject matter. From her beautiful delicate stitched birds to her thoughtful whimsical alien figures embellished not only with wool and cotton, but also with feathers, metal and beads, Rhonda’s sculptures tell stories that weave together the here and now, the past and the ever-hopeful future