Maringka Baker Australian, Pitjanjatjara, b. 1952

Maringka is a senior Pitjantjatjara woman living in the remote community settlement of Kanpi, 100kms east of the tri-state borders of WA, SA, and the NT. Maringka was born c1952. at Kaliumpil rock hole, a traditional camp site in Western Australia. Maringka's parents died when she was young and she was raised by Anmanari Brown and other members of her extended family. She went to the mission schools of Warburton in WA and Ernabella in SA. Maringka married a man from Papulankatja and they had two children. Their younger daughter passed away in childhood. Elaine Woods the elder daughter married a Docker River man and they had four daughters, Julie Woods, Janice Woods, Venita Woods and Casseyanne Woods Maringka has three great grandchildren. Maringka remarried Douglas Baker (Jimmy Baker's cousin) later in life and se led in Kanpi community, Douglas's country. Maringka has a deep connection to country and a spiritual connection with the land. These powerful links to the desert are expressed with beauty and integrity in her paintings and her work is highly sought after. Maringka was selected as one of thirty one artists from every state and territory in Australia to participate in the 'National Indigenous Art Triennial 07 - Culture Warriors'. Maringka continues to paint powerful and alluring prize-winning paintings through which she has gained notoriety nationally and internationally.