Pauline Minmila Wangin Australian, Pitjantjatjara, b. 1970

Pauline was born in Indulkana on the APY Lands in the far northwest of South Australia. She grew up in the neighbouring community of Mimili. Pauline has always had a passion for learning and education. She worked as a teacher at the Mimili school after graduation until she got married to Robert Edwards. With Robert; Pauline has four children.

Pauline started working at the art centre when it was first founded. For many years, Pauline was a dedicated artworker until she started focusing entirely on her painting practice. Her paintings resonate with a deep appreciation for the landscape and the stories that have created it.

Pauline often goes on bush-trips to Victory Well, which lies between her birth place of Indulkana and her home of Mimili. She enjoys teaching the stories passed on to her by her ancestors, particularly focusing on the care for rockholes.