Roxanne Petrick Australian, Arrernte & Luritja, b. 1986

Roxanne was born in Alice Springs. Her father’s country is north east of Harts Range at Irrelirre Outstation. That’s where Roxanne spent most of her time growing up. She says in that country there are lots of hills, lots of kangaroo, porcupine, goanna, perentie and emu. All this food meant it was good country for hunting. Roxanne said it was a happy place to grow up. Roxanne went every day on the bus from Irrelirre to the school at Harts Range. One day she came to Alice Springs for a sports weekend and met her husband Cornelius Ebatarinja. Now they live together at Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp where her husband’s family has always lived. Roxanne started coming to the art room in 2015 when her husband started work at as an Artworker at the art centre. Now she says she loves sewing and loves the bright colours of the wool and cottons; they give her lots of ideas for what she will make. Sewing she says gives her time to have a break from children and other busy things in her life.