Nyanu, Watson Australian, Pitjanjatjara, b. 1951

Nyanu was born at a site near Pukatja (Ernabella, South Australia). As a young girl, she worked at the Christan mission there, spinning and dyeing wools to make rugs. She later moved to the neighbouring community of Amata, where she began work in the local store and cooked food for the children at the school.

During the homelands movement (an initiative to enable Anangu to return to their own country), Nyanu travelled to Kalka, where she still lives today. As well as being an avid crafts woman - mostly wood carving and grass weaving - Nyanu is a regular painter at the art centre and is a prominent member of Ninuku Arts.

Nyanu is known for her unusual depictions of various animals found in the area surrounding Kalka. She uses a combination of brushwork and do ng to create the highly stylised and unique creatures for which she has become known. Some of her favourites include the ngintaka (perentie), anumara (type of caterpillar), and kakalyalya (pink cockatoo).