Dapeni Jonevari (Mokokari) Papua New Guinea (Omie), b. 1949

Dapeni has been painting for Ömie Artists since its establishment in 2004. Her mother was Yéwo and her father was John Koré, both Sahuoté clanspeople from Budo village. She was born two years before the eruption of Huvaimo (Mount Lamington) and grew up at Budo and Jiapa villages. As a young girl Dapeni was taught to paint traditional Ömie barkcloth designs by her aunts at Budo Village. She also paints soru'e (tattoo designs) she saw on her grandfather's body and uehorëro (her own wisdom). Since 2002, Dapeni has been teaching her daughter-in-law Diona Jonevari to paint traditional Ömie barkcloth designs.