Alma Webou (Kalaju) Australian, Yulparitja, c. 1928-2009

Alma Webou (c.1928 - 2009) is a Yulparija elder who grew up in Pinkalakara in the Great Sandy Desert. She led a traditional existence until the early 1970s when severe drought forced the Yulparija people to move to Bidyadanga on the coast. Alma said, "Pinkalakara is the place I was born and grew up; this is my mother's country. (It is near Joanna Spring on Anna Plains station close to the Canning Stock Route.) This country has lots of mayi (bush food). I lost my mummy and sister here." Alma cried when she painted Pinkalarta. Many of her family died as a result of the droughts in this country. Alma was a senior law woman and was well respected in her community.