Ivy-Rose Sirimi Papa New Guinea, Omie, b. 1974

vy-Rose is the daughter of the late Chief of Inorajé clan women Filma Rumono who was also ahighly-skilled barkcloth painter. Inorajé is a sub-clan of the Sahuoté clan and their homelandsare centred around Jiapa and Duharenu villages. Ivy-Rose’s father, Bartholomew Dehorumo, isan Ematé clansman from Duharenu village. Ivy-Rose’s father-in-law Albert Sirimi (Nanati), theAssistant Paramount Chief of Ömie men has also taught her some important traditionalSahuoté clan designs from the Duharenu village area such as mairi’e jeje ijo’oho-the forbiddentree of Lawe’s Parotia bird-of-paradise. She feels very fortunate to have inherited such specialdesigns, that are unique to the Jiapa and Duharenu village area, and she speaks of theircultural meaning and significance with great affection