Linda-Grace Savari (Majare) Papua New Guinean, Omie, b. c.1962

Linda-Grace has been painting for Omie Artists since 2009. Her mother was Horeja of Gora village (Saro'ore clan) and her father was Bure'i of Gorabuna village (Sahuote clan). She is married to Sylvester Savari, the son of artist Fate Savari from whom she was taught to paint. Linda-Grace and Sylvester have five children. As the duvahe (chief) of Evoraje clan women Linda-Grace has the authority to paint uehorero - her own wisdom. Mahuva'oje - the pig’s footprint, nyoni han'e - fern leaves and odunaigo'e - jungle vines are common subjects as well as a myriad of soru'e - tattoo designs.