Sophia Brown Australian, Pitjantjatjara, b. 1986

Sophia Brown was born in Kalgoorlie. Her mother, whose country Pilki is just to the west of Tjuntjuntjara Community was living in Coonana at the me of Sophia's birth. This is before the Spinifex People made the long journey back to their traditional Lands in the Great Victoria Desert after being displaced during the late 1950's due to the atomic testings by the British and Australian Governments. She has paternal connection to the 'Seven Sisters' significant site of Kulyuru, situated to the north of traditional Spinifex Lands. Today Sophia lives in Tjuntjuntjara where as well as pain ng she is a leading creative with the Milpa project, a dedicated new media space managed by SAP. She and the Milpa team won the Inland Art Prize' Leonora 2019 for their short anima on, Patju. Sophia is a staff member for the Spinifex Arts Project.