Hozaus Claire Bidaliji Australian, Walmajarri & Gooniyandi, b. 1995

Hozaus Claire is a young Walmajarri/ Gooniyandi man from Fitzroy Crossing. Born in Derby in 1995, he grew up in the Fitzroy Valley with the elders as his teachers. At 23yrs of age his artwork and stories are a vibrant legacy to the importance of his elders’ traditions and culture and the honour in which he has in the continuation of these traditions. Each one of his paintings represents a personal and deep connection to country and the amazing rugged beauty that is the landscape of the West Kimberley.

Through his paintings, Hozaus explores the relationship between Indigenous and non- Indigenous people, the gap between but also their connection and how one’s upbringing, education, jobs and family can influence this. He aspires to reveal the beauty and diversity in which everyone can experience, sharing the land and working together. “Everyone has two lives they have to live, their personal life within their own selves and the life which everyone sees. You need the dark to see the light and the light to see the dark”.

Hozaus is a respected member of the community and highly regarded amongst his peers and elders for his leadership skills and ability to teach traditional ways. Working with youth is another one of his passions and he utilizes this and his artistic and cultural skills in his youth work. He is also one of the co-founders of “The Fitzroy Crossing Mural Project” which is facilitating the creation of many public art pieces around Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding communities,