Phillip Munda Australian, Walmajarri, Injibundi, Bunuba, b. 1956

Peter Skipper and Mona Chuguna grew me up in Fitzroy Crossing on the Mission here. I went to school at the old mission school here in Fitzroy. Found a partner, a Bunuba woman and live here in Fitzroy Crossing together. I worked on Jubilee and Quanbun station, working in the stock camps. After stations I shifted to work building houses in Kenangi, I was the training foreman with NSP and CDP programs building all the houses in our Kenangi community. I started painting around 2002, I developed my own style, they taught me the art of boomerang making and I learned from Mona and Skipper. My work looks at the history for Indigenous people and the station history, all the work we did on the story. I’m a respectable person, a good man. Known to everyone in Fitzroy Crossing.