Lucy Loomoo Nungurrayi Australian, Kukatja, Pintupi, Wangkajunka, 1939-2020

Lucy was born near Jupiter Well and her childhood was spent mostly at places along the Canning Stock Route.  This country, called Ilangarri, is her mother's and grandfather's country.  Lucy travelled and lived in this country with her family until she was a young woman.  She married and had one child, Kevin, before the family walked all the way up the Canning Stock Route to the Old Balgo Mission.  A second child, Charlie, was born at the Old Mission and Lucy looked after the sheep and goats here at Old Mission.

Lucy and her family moved to the new mission site, the current location of Balgo community, in the 1960s and here she had two more children, Damien and Joan.  Joan was placed in the dormitory and Lucy worked as a gardener watering all the trees planted around the oval in the community.

Lucy continues to live in Balgo and has outlived her husband.  She currently has five grandchildren.