Tossie Baadjo Australian, Kukatja , b. 1958

Tossie has been given permission to paint her sister’s Tjukurrpa story Lucy Yukenbarri (deceased). Tossie also paints Wilkinkarra (Lake MacKay), kantilli bush raisin and Karntawarra, a small rockhole sacred to her family group. Tossie is a magnanimous woman, raising many many grandchildren as well as being proactive and engaged within her community.

She took up painting in 1989 and continues to flourish as an artist, honing her technical and creative energy to produce sublime and colourful paintings full of the details of her stories. Tossie began painting motika stories on a bush trip in 2018, the collaborative painting told the story of the day, including a convoy of Toyota troopies. Tossie's paintings playfully engage their audience with her ingenuity, whilst displaying a deep spiritual and traditional knowledge.