Imitjala Pantjiti Lewis Australian, Pitjantjatjara, b. 1963

Imitjala Pantjiti Lewis was born in 1963 in the community which was then known as Ernabella Mission and is now known as Pukatja Community. She attended school in Ernabella.

She is a full-time health worker at Ernabella clinic. She began work with the health service on graduating in high school in 1983. She married shortly after this. She is sister to leading Ernabella ceramic artist, Alison Milyika Carroll. Imitjala Pantjiti's works often depict the minyma kutjarra tjukurpa (two women/sisters story), the Malilanya tjukurpa, the kipara munu kalaya tjukurpa (bush turkey and emu story) and the Kungkarangakalpa tjukurpa (Seven Sisters story). Imitjala Pantjiti is deeply involved in women's law and ceremony and has a leading role in the Nintintjaku Project (an Ernabella Arts cultural teaching project).