Tracey Ramsey Australian, Gija, b. 1972

Tracey Ramsay was born in Wyndham in 1972, but grew up in her ancestral Juwulinji Community known as Bow River. Tracey began her working life in the old pensioner unit in Warmun, looking after elderly people. In 1987, she married Charlie Cann and had five children with him; who have all grown up in Juwulinji. After briefly living and working in Warmun, she returned to Bow River and worked the CDP (jobseeker program) the same year she got married.


Tracey Ramsay is an emerging artist from a family of great artists. Her parents are Rammey and Mona Ramsey, and her sister is Kathy Ramsay of Juwulinji Community known as Bow River. She began painting in her forties after spending a lot of her time caring for Rammey and observing his paintng of his ancestral Gija country known as Warlawoon. Tracey is an immaculate beginner, exercising care and caution in her application of ochre, acrylic and other natural pigments on canvas. She captures more detail than her counterparts in her studies of the landscape, and also produces some curious compositions (i.e. Blowfly dreaming). She paints the subject of the Country she lives in, and the dreamings passed down to her from her parents and family, such as areas of Juwulinji, the Black Hill and the Blow-fly dreaming. Warmun Art Centre welcomes Tracey into the new generation of Gija artists, and awaits with excitement and anticipation with each new artwork the quiet artist brings in.