Marjorie Williams Australian, Western Arrernte & Pintupi, b. 1963

Marjorie was born in Alice Springs. Her mother was from Hermannsburg from the Driffen family. Her father was Musty Syddick, a Central Australian man from Aboriginal and Afghan cameleer origins. Marjorie married Brian Williams, a member of the Hermannsburg Williams family. He grew unwell and so the couple moved into Alice Springs so he could access medical support. He passed away in 2005, and Marjorie remained in Alice Springs. She has four children, grandchildren and a great grandchild here in Alice Springs to keep her busy. Marjorie has painted for herself in the past after starting in Hermannsburg before moving to Alice Springs. She has also painted with Ngurratjuta Many Hands Art Centre before they dedicated themselves to watercolourists.

As a senior Western Arrernte woman, she is strong in her commitment to Western Arrernte Women's Law. She is also committed to the Lutheran faith of the former Mission of Hermannsburg Community in Ntaria, now the Finke River Mission, based in Alice Springs. Marjorie sings regularly in the Central Australian Women's Choir, and has travelled internationally to perform, Marjorie has undertaken translation work, being fluent and literate in both Western Arrernte and English.

Marjorie paints in a range of styles, figurative and abstract, with the imagery she paints strongly relating to her Country, the Country of her mother, Ntaria. Many of Marjorie's artworks have strong graphical elements, and she paints about water, and women's activities such as collecting water, and dancing, bush tucker species, particularly echidna. She also paints memories from her early life spent between Iwupataka [Jay Creek Reserve] and Ntaria. The narratives in her stories and the rich palettes she selects means her works are incredibly popular.