Meredith Curley Australian, Pitjatjarra, b. 1975


Born at Fregon to parents, Imitjala and Kun Curley (deceased), Meredith is one of five sisters. Meredith and her sister have followed their famous mother in her arts practice, as Imitjala has worked intermittently with Kaltjiti Arts since it began as a craft room in the early sixties. As the daughter of a senior traditional woman, Meredith holds cultural knowledge relating to the Ngapari - sugar leaf or lerp - Tjukurpa at Watarru. Her connection to the Kampurparpa Tjukurpa in the Walytjitjata region is through her mother’s mother, Puni Puni. It is a small homeland just over the Northern Territory border about 46km north of Kalka on the APY Lands.