Emma Daniels Australian, Warlpiri, Luritja, Anmatjerre , b. c. 1934

Nungarrayi lived at Papunya for many years and was recognised as a member of the Papunya Artists Movement of the 1970s and 1980s. She was a well-respected elder holding much ritual knowledge, not only in story form, but also song and dance. Nungarrayi also lived at Mt. Doreen Station near Yuendumu for many years with her brother, Don Tjungarrayi. They are Traditional Owners of Karrinyarra, Central Mount Wedge and Stuart Bluff Range and led the families in their successful application for Land Rights.


Her father was Yungkungpungu Japaljarri, killed during the Coniston Massacre in 1928. Her mother fled to Karrinyarra, and the children were adopted by the whole clan. Nungarrayi lived in Alice Springs and painted with Ngurratjuta from when it first opened in 2004 until 2012. Since then, she joined Tangentyere Artists until she passed away in Mach 2015. Her paintings gained a lot of attention with her bold motifs and strong colours, indicative of the Papunya area. Sister to renowned artist Paddy Carroll (now deceased), Nungarrayi joined Tangentyere Artists in 2012 and brought great skill and experience as a painter with her. She worked on creating beautiful works, enjoying the process enormously. Nungarrayi held the sacred and secret law from the country she called Karrinyarra. She passed away peacefully in 2015, a deeply loved and respected community member, and artist.