JImmy & Angie Tchooga Kukatja, Australian

Jimmy and Angie Tchooga are a strong team. They have been married since 1972 and have five sons, one daughter and many grandchildren. They have recently started painting collaboratively after they worked for a long me as solo artists. Jimmy creates bold lines and Angie complements his work with fine dotting. Together they make strong painting.


Jimmy Tchooga is a prominent artist, a senior law man and lead singer for ceremony. Painting with strong hues, his dot work is both intentional and specific. Jimmy’s country is Tjukakarrinyu, east of Balgo in the Tanami Desert: primarily his paintings depict his Tjukurrpa, specifically his father's creation story.


Angie is a reliable and active member of the community of Balgo. She was born at Sturt Creek Station where she was raised by elders of the Tjaru people. She a ended school at the Old Balgo Mission. When she completed her schooling Angie returned to Sturt Creek to work as a domestic. She has fond memories of taking the children out on bush trips during this period. Angie met her husband Jimmy on the station and they travelled to Balgo to marry. Jimmy and Angie would often migrate between Sturt Creek and Balgo until one son fell ill and they moved permanently to Balgo to be close to the clinic.


Angie started painting in 1988 and her themes include waterlilies and the Tjurrkupa snake. She has travelled to Perth and Melbourne. Angie has lived in Balgo for about 20 years and misses the country of Sturt Creek, however she is still able to visit her country for hunting and fishing.


Jimmy and Angie Tchooga often work collaboratively on paintings as with other things in their life. They paint at art centre most days, Jimmy is the current chairperson of Warlayirti Artists and Angie is an active member of the board.