Madelene Purdie Australian, Gija, b. 1975

Madelene Purdie Was born in Wyndham. She attended Ngalangangpum primary school in Warmun then she completed her secondary education in Broome. Until recently, Purdie worked at Werra Werra Daam, the Warmun Women's Centre. She has also lived in Oombulgarri as a pay clerk in the office.


Purdie takes her traditional country as the subject of her paintings, including her Mother, Shirley Purdie's country. She also paints Ngarrangkarni stories from her Grandmother and Grandfather's country in Nortom Bore, Violet Valley and Argyle. She continues to paint the Ngarrangkarni stories told to her by her older family members. Purdie is also an accomplished carver and makes bird sculptures from boab nuts and jarlalu wood.