Yatjiki Vicki Cullinan Australian, Pitjantjatjara, b. 1970

“There were only a few houses in the community when I was young, there used to be four little tin sheds in a row, one of the tin sheds belonged to my family, we used to make a small fire inside and drink hot tea. Back then there was a lot of water in the rock holes and there were tjukitjis (underground springs) in the ridge and around Mt Chandler – we were always outdoors playing and swimming. I’ve been painting at Iwantja for many years now, my paintings show the country and tell stories that I know, I often paint the story of the Seven Sisters – it’s special to me. When I’m painting, I think about how to make the painting strong, I don’t worry about other things at home or outside, it’s peaceful and I’m in a quiet place.”