Roberta Daylight Australian, Gija, b. 1985

Roberta Daylight is a Gija woman of Nyawana skin. Her bush name is Barlala.She was born in Wyndham and grew up at Nine Mile, near Wyndham.She then moved back to Warmun whenshe was still small.Her grandmother Winnie Budbarria and Frank Daylight brought up her and her four sisters and three brothers. She completed her schooling at Ngalangangpum School in Warmun. Daylight also attended Purnululu School in Frog Hollow. Roberta returned to live in Warmun in 2008.She has three daughters and lives with her husband, Patrick Malgil,who worksat the Art Centre alongside her. Daylight is from a family of well-known painters including her sister Lorraine Daylight, aunt Bessie Daylight and grandmother Betty Carrington. Roberta Daylightpaints her family's traditional country and the Ngarranggarni (Dreamings) associated with thiscountry on what is now known as Texas Downs Station and the 'Bungle Bungles' .Daylight isalso keenly interested in her family's recent history living and working on Texas Downs Station.She travels back to her country to visit with her children and family.