Sarah Holmes b. 1947

Sarah Nabangardi Holmes was born in Tennant Creek in1947.Soon after she relocated to Ali Curung with her family. Sarah spent her younger years studying at Alekarenge school and learning about bush tucker and traditional life from her parents. She then went on to work at the Ali Curung clinic for many years. After marriage and raising children and grandchildren, Sarah started painting her country at Arlpwe Art centre. Sarah comes to the art centre every day to paint. She paints landscapes of the greater Barkly region from her trips to Tennant Creek. Sarah is very knowledgeable in local bush tucker and bush medicines, which frequently appear in her paintings. Sarah and her sister, Jessie Nabangardi Simpson, were taught by their Aunty to make jewellery using bush seeds. Together they collect seeds around Ali Curung to create colourful and textural jewellery by using wire and a fire. She likes coming to the Arlpwe Art Centre to learn new painting techniques, making jewellery with her sister, and talking with the other artists.