Anangu Happily Sitting and Working Together : Ceramics and Pictures from Ernabella

23 April - 19 May 2019

Short St Gallery presents, Anangu Happily Sitting & Working Together : Anangu uwankara tjungingkula pukulpa nyinama. This exhibition showcases the stunning artworks and ceramics of Pepai Jangala Carroll and a selection of artists from Ernabella. Pepai's recent body of work continues to explore his signature bold forms and give resonance to his position as both a sought after artists on the national stage and as a senior cultural figure within his community. Ernabella Arts has been operating since 1948 and continues to uphold a commitment to quality and a passionate artistic tradition. This exhibition explores the many facets and directions within this artistic community and features the work of outstanding artists, both established and up and coming. Including paintings and ceramics by Carlene Thompson, Michele Lewis, Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel, Langaliki Lewis, Alison Lionel, Yurpiya Lionel, Rupert Jack, Derek Thompson and others. The exhibition seeks to celebrate the depth and breath of the studio's continued spirit and artistic output. Please join us to view Anangu Happily Sitting and Working Together from Friday April 26th 2019.