27 November - 16 December 2020

Short St Gallery presents A Long Distance Romance with Becky Blair. During 2020 Becky has had to conduct her love affair with travel and Australia from a distance. Short St Gallery is honoured to be part of this long distance romance by presenting Becky’s first solo exhibition in Australia in over two years. While Becky remains in Britain due to pandemic travel restrictions, her heart and soul is firmly planted in Australia, where she holds many memories and returns to time and again. Becky Blair is an artist who aspires to create imagery that has strength but is equally fleeting and momentary. Her work presents an exploration of colour, texture and composition to render physical aspects of life that are intangible. Her artwork is a celebration of these intangible moments, evolving through a complex layering of glazes, texture, drawing, printing and painting. They lead you through her obsession with colour toward memories of where you might have been or are yet to go.

On completing her fine arts degree Becky undertook a number of commissioned artworks in order to develop her art practice, which had increasing became connected to the wonders of travel and experience. She has travelled extensively thru India, Nepal, South East Asia, Europe and Australia. Along the way making many friends and connections that have been formative in her personal and professional life. It is thru these connections that over a decade ago, Becky held her first solo exhibition in Australia. She has since gone on to have many more successful exhibitions within Australia and internationally. Becky is regularly exhibited at art fairs and galleries in Europe and continues to work collaboratively with a number of sophisticated companies. Her most recent collaboration being with leading Australian company Gorman, who featured a number of her artworks, including the stunning artwork, Shadow Patterns exhibited in A Long Distance Romance.

Becky’s artworks draw their inspiration from her eclectic experience’s; Mediterranean holidays in the 80s, India on motorbike in the 90s, travelling across Australia in a van and sleeping under the stars. They stir the viewer to remember their own adventures, reminding us of the romance and mystery of being elsewhere, and the longing of wanderlust. 

For those of you lucky enough to be based in Perth, we will be showing Becky’s artwork over three days at Stackwood Studios. A Long Distance Romance and additional works from Becky’s back catalogue will be available. Opening hours as follows, all welcome.
Friday 27 9am - 2pm
Saturday 28 9am - 4pm
Sunday 29 9am - 4pm
@ Stackwood Studios, 10 Stack St, Fremantle, Australia

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