Kutjarra Nungurrayi, Murntu Nakamarra : Two Nungurrayi, Four Nakamarra: A HOMAGE TO NUNGURRAYI NYUMI

26 March - 22 April 2021

Short St Gallery is proud to bring you this very special exhibition paying homage to two of the great artists of the Kimberley. Kutjarra Nungurrayi, Murntu Nakamarra was originally designed to pay respect to the great Nungurrayi Nyumi who sadly passed away in 2019. Since then, we have also recently lost fellow elder, Nungurrayi Loomoo. This exhibition recognises both artists contribution to the art world and the Kimberly community. The title refers to the exhibiting artists skin names including those who have been influenced or informed by the two Nungurrayi’s and who have contributed to the exhibition.

Born c.1947 Nungurrayi Nyumi began painting in 1987 and rose to become one of the foremost artists from Balgo community. She was an accomplished painter, dancer and a teacher of traditional dance and song. Over the years her paintings evolved into a luminous mass of fluid dotted marks, creating a unique texture that gave her paintings a sense of heightened movement and weightless. There is no horizon to beckon you in her work, something of a revelation to the western eye. Instead, a delicacy of layers and organic forms make up the painting as you are forced to view the landscape from above. Nyumi’s paintings honour her country and its abundant bush, small camps, coolamons, bush tucker, trees and scrubs. Nyumi’s exquisite paintings are widely acclaimed having been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

Like Nungarrayi Nyumi, Nungurrayi Loomoo was born in the bush and her childhood was spent mostly at places along the Canning Stock Route. She began painting in 1992 and was a tireless art practitioner who was committed to remembering her traditional country and keeping her culture alive. Her paintings have a natural vibrancy that radiates from the canvas. Her knowledge as an elder, healer and painter was extraordinary and is a huge loss. The two Nungurrayi’s are joined by the four Nakamarra's; the very talented emerging artist Veronica Daniels and fellow female artists Christine Yukenbarri, Marie Mudgedell and Patsy Mudgedell.