23 April - 20 May 2021

'Tjatu is a Yankunytjatjara term that means doing things together. Between Indulkana and Mimili we have many shared stories, or wapar (creation stories) in Yankunytjatjara. We often travel back and forth to celebrate inma (song and dance) together or to visit family. We are excited to share these artworks with you that celebrate our shared storylines, from the Eastside of the APY Lands, ' Puna Yanima.


Short St Gallery is excited to bring you Tjatu : Doing Things Together, an exhibition celebrating the bonds that bind Mimili Maku and Iwantja artists together. The two communities share many family ties, lands and historic cultural connections. They sit just over an hour away from each other in the APY Lands, a short distance in this remote area. The two art centres once shared a gallery space known as Tjatu at a near by roadhouse and have worked together over many years to benefit the surrounding community of artists and their families. This special exhibition draws together and celebrates emerging and established female artists from both communities that share common ground. Please join us to view this extra special collaboration.