21 May - 17 June 2021

Short St Gallery presents Alison Anderson's 2021 solo exhibition. The works have been created over the past two years. Anderson in this period lost her beloved brother and mother, and has worked through her grief in this body of work. There is the darkness and pain transforming through to her recent paintings celebrating the desert in flower. The gravitas of her work is self evident, even the flowers hint at deeper traditions and cultural significance. These pictures represent a serious study of the nature of desert law and the codified practices which reflect human beings existence with all its pain and hardship, and is about a culture assisting in transcending the suffering and celebrating the pure transformative joy of the changing country.

Within this space, Alison has created a beautiful body of work that reflects on the richness of traditional desert culture and her homeland in the country around Papunya. Papunya is the community where she witnessed the aboriginal painting movements first beginnings. She has painted the landscape from her homelands and the sacred traditions it contains. Alison's artworks hint at these secrets but never disclose them. The powerful energy of her paintings are like portals that hint at what lies beneath the surface of the earth and the onlooking eye. Short St Gallery invites you to view Alison's extraordinary exhibition.