16 July - 13 August 2021

Short St Gallery presents Patrick Mung Mung and Betty Carrington’s exhibition, Husband & Wife. Patrick and Betty are senior artists from Turkey Creek and are important custodians of Gija culture, as well as seminal Australian artists. Mung Mung’s artwork captures the country around Purnululu with an impressive understanding of the ever changing light and geographical formations in the environment. His use of space combined with small details perfectly encapsulates the grandeur of this breath-taking landscape. The lightness of his touch and knowledge of country is a skill passed on by his famous father George Mung Mung.

Betty’s wonderful floating hills and aerial views of country give us a sense of a knowledge beyond the physical. The strength of the forms she creates and her occasional use of figures within the frame, create dynamic images that arrest the viewer. Patrick and Betty have both had monumental careers and have worked together in their community to actively pass on Ngarrankarni (Dreaming) stories and techniques. We are honoured to once again present the formidable work of this wonderful couple.