Manta Tjula – Soft Earth: New works from Ernabella

29 April - 26 May 2022

Short St Gallery presents Manta Tjula – Soft Earth, showcasing incredible new paintings from the artists of Pukatja. Pukatja (Ernabella) is in the far northwest of South Australia and houses the oldest continually run Aboriginal art centre in the country. Manta Tjula features artwork from formidable artists such as, Rachael Lionel, Tjunkaya Tapaya, Atipalku Intjulka, Michelle Lewis, Yurpiya Lionel and their like. The exhibition seeks to explore the breadth of their continued faith and artistic vision. The artists have approached the paintings with a contemporary style that aims to express the ephemeral and intangible; painting stories and messages that depict Tjukurpa (dreaming) with an inimitable form and craftsmanship. 

In their endeavours the artists have created a body of work that upholds their commitment to the communities quality and passionate artistic traditions, with artwork that captures the gentle strength of their country, culture and spirit. As Rachael Lionel has previously said, 'This work has spirit, kurunpa. But it is also strong. It is not only what we see with our kuru, our eyes, but what we feel in our hearts, our spirit and what we hold onto inside. We are painting feeling.'