12 April - 9 May 2024

Short St Gallery is excited to present Desert Decedents featuring, Helicopter Tjungurrayi, Christine Yukenbarri, and Stephanie Yukenbarri, acclaimed Australian artists hailing from the remote community of Balgo in Western Australia. As members of the same family their artistic talents have been passed down through generations, enriching their cultural heritage and preserving traditional art forms. Helicopter Tjungurrayi is renowned for his bold use of colour and intricate dot painting techniques, while Christine and Stephanie Yukenbarri bring an innovative and powerful aesthetic to their own artworks. 

The strong familial bond between these artists shines through in their collaborative efforts, showcasing not only their artistic talents but also their deep connection to family, culture, and heritage. These three acclaimed artists' powerful contemporary artworks depict sacred stories, landscapes, and symbols significant to their culture and serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving and nurturing innovative Australian art. 


Our opening event has been postponed due to the closure of the Tanami Road. We hope to welcome Helicopter and his family to Broome to celebrate three generations of extraordinary painting talent before the show ends - Weather permitting TBA.