NGURA KUNPU - STRONG COUNTRY: Works from Indulkana

3 - 24 August 2018

Short St Gallery presents Ngura Kunpu (Strong Country), featuring artists from Indulkana and their representations of country. Indulkana is approximately 400 kilometres from Alice Springs on the banks of Iwantja Creek. The exhibition explores the multifaceted nature of Ngura (country). Ngura is defined not just by geography and nature but also as the place that someone belongs. The artworks in the exhibition are rich in desert colours and the intricacies of the individual artists - family, connection, skin group and language. The paintings reflect the richness of this strong country with their use of colour, form and incredible attention to detail. The strength of the exhibition is in the experienced hands of the artists and the magnificent artwork they have created. Ngura Kunpu continues Short St Gallerys tradition of showcasing these talented artists, including artwork by Peter Mungkari, Nellie Coulthard, Betty Muffler, Alec Baker, Vicki Cullen and contemporaries. OPENS FRIDAY 3, AUGUST 2018.