WIRINGGOON : New Works by Mabel Juli (aka Wiringgoon - her bush name)

6 - 27 July 2018

Mabel Juli (bush name Wiringgoon) was born in the bush at Barlinyin, Western Australia in 1929. Following in the footsteps of Rover Thomas, Mabel Juli began painting in the 1980’s alongside celebrated artists Queenie McKenzie and Madigan Thomas. The women used to watch Rover Thomas paint and one day he said to them, 'You try yourself, you might make good painting yourself.'


Mabel became a dedicated, innovative artist who continues to champion the Gija palette by mixing ochres and natural pigments on canvas. She primarily paints the Ngarranggarni (dreaming) stories of her Darrajayin (country), which is covered largely by Springvale Station. She has a long history as an exhibiting artist, with her work sitting in major public and private collections.


Short St Gallery's last solo exhibition with Mabel Juli was in 2007 and her work has been included in many group shows since. It has been a privilege to work with Mabel Juli for many years and be a part of her legacy. Short St Gallery is honoured to present a solo exhibition from this accomplished and celebrated Australian artist. OPENS JULY 6 @ 6PM, JOIN SHORT ST GALLERY & MABEL JULI TO OPEN THE EXHIBITION, ALL WELCOME.