Amata Imagined: The sublime Anangu Paintings

8 - 29 June 2018

Short St Gallery presents, Amata Imagined, an exhibition that focuses on the shared link of geography and culture. All the artists featured in this exhibition are from Amata community in the APY Lands of inland Australia. 


The artists are known for their diverse range of styles, energetic mark making and rich colourful palette. The artworks explore the Tjukurpa (stories, dreaming) and geography of the region to create paintings that captivate the audience and highlight complex and diverse interpretations of country and culture.


There is a special collection of work within this exhibition, including Mick Wikilyiri, Ray Ken and Brenton Ken. Complimentary to the men's work are the majestic work of female painters such as Sylvia Ken, Barbara Moore, Wawiriya Burton, Yaritji Young and associates. Opens June 8, 2018.