Steadfast: Works from Fregon

15 March - 11 April 2018

Kaltjiti Artists come from the remote community of Fregon in the APY Lands of Australia. The art practice at Fregon has a strong sense of culture and an integral role to play in continuing the communities story. Kaltjiti art is more than decoration, it is strong and steadfast in its purpose. The artists featured in this exhibition are culture bosses. The weight of their brush strokes grant the viewer a glimpse of the complexities of the artist's culture and the stories they have to tell. The communities steadfast adherence to continuing the Kaltjiti story informs the power and beauty of their resulting art. The art world has definitely taken notice. Last year Manityjanu Lennon was shortlisted for the prestigious Wynne Prize. Matjangka (Nyukana) Norris was a winner at the NATSIA Awards and senior men Taylor Copper and Witjiti George, along with several other artists featured in this exhibition, wowed crowds with their contribution to Tarnanthi at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Short St Gallery is proud to present this exhibition and support the artists in continuing their story. Opens Thursday 22 March 2018