DANIEL WALBIDI 2017: New works from Daniel Walbidi

7 - 21 December 2017

Daniel Walbidi continues to use his mastery of paint to swirl intricate stories onto the canvas. Winpa and Kirrwirri take on an ethereal quality and the artworks speak volumes about movement, impermanence, the idea that nothing is static or solid. It is Daniel's inherent knowledge of the Yulparitja's living culture that informs this and that Daniel so expertly reinterprets on canvas. This small suite of works include eight, 61 x 61 cm paintings on linen, depicting the creation spirit Winpa and one large work depicting Kirriwirri, a place of cultural significance. Daniel's commitment to his culture and contribution to the art movement in Australia is significant and is matched by his commitment to his art practice. His standing and inclusion within the art world is a major achievement for any artist, especially at such a young age. We invite you to enjoy Daniel's wonderful collection of works for 2017. Opens 30 November, 2017.