COLLABORATION: Outstanding Women's collaboratives and artworks from Amata

14 June - 11 July 2019

Creative magic can happen when artists form groups or duos and knowledge of technique and experience can be shared. It often sparks an advancement for artistic communities as unrelated forms collide and new ideas emerge within the chosen medium. In remote communities this can also result in the sharing of significant stories that are told by many hands and generations. The relationship can produce outstanding work, with senior artists gaining an injection of new energy and emerging artists learning from a master of form and storytelling. The resulting paintings are significant and unlock untold creative riches for the artists involved and the viewer. This exhibition explores the beauty of Amata's women in collaboration and is supported by outstanding works from leading female artists within this rich artistic group including Illuwanti Ken, Sharon Adamson, Barbara Moore and Wawirya Burton. Open June 14- July 11 2019.