19 October - 15 November 2017

This exhibition is a celebration of the Mamirnikiwi Jilamara (women's business Jilamara) and the strong women from Milikapiti who keep traditional Tiwi culture alive and strong. The exhibition brings together 14 women from across multiple generations to showcase their innovative contemporary work practice or jilamara. Jilamara roughly translates to 'design', with each jilamara passed on by family and each artist developing their own jilamara. The artists draw inspiration from family jilamara, traditional ceremony, body paint and scarification designs (minga). Painting on linen, canvas and paper for this exhibition, the tiwi artists only use four colours black, white, yellow and red all made from ochre collected from the Milikapiti surrounds. The resultant works are full of energy and a subtle power, bound to a strong sense of design and form. Join us and the Jilamara artists to celebrate the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 19 October, 6pm, all welcome.