21 September - 18 October 2017

Palya translates to good, but the artists from Nyapari surpass such adjectives. Their artwork is informed from a strong cultural tradition and artistic practice and an incomparable intimacy with the desert landscape. It transforms the viewer's understanding of this extraordinary country. These works are more than landscape paintings, they are visual narratives imbued with history, law and song.
Ginger Wikilyiri and Keith Steven's intricate and dense painting techniques create an almost orchestral crescendo that embodies the vastness and harshness of this terrain. They highlight the delicate grace of its gifts, the water, the food and the history that can never be taken for granted in such an extreme climate. Then there is the effortless movement and colour of Ruth Fatt and Helen Curtis which contrasts to the composition and intent of Bernard Tjalkuri and the Tunkin's. Lastly we come to the explosive power of Beryl Jimmy and the Watarru Collaborative. The exhibition shows the best of the Nyapari artists skill and perception. The artwork in this exhibition speaks for itself - it is Palya, Palya, Palya (good, good, good). Opens Thursday 21 September.